About Media4u101

Media4u101 is a small IT consulting company run by Peter Petersson in Malmö Sweden. The company is focused on developing web based custom solutions for customers who want to expand their business with Mobile-scalable, Web-centric, interactive and secure solutions that are tailored to run on a wide spectrum of Media-devices.

Media4u101 and your business

Expand your business opportunities with software solutions that runs on a wide spectrum of media-devices - With Media4u101 as your It-partner you will be able to expand your customer / partner relations, co-worker interactions, marketing and sales opportunities ... simply put your business activities, to a variety of media-devices by utilizing, for your business tailored, software solutions that will be able to run on a variety of media-devices, from smart-phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers to modern smart tv:s or set-top boxes (DTV:s) while keeping it's intended functionality and usability by leveraging software originating from a single maintainable code base that brings your business a powerful, secure, scalable and highly interactive web-centric software solution, giving you a ROI efficient solution for your business.